Set forth on an unparalleled 4-day exploration of Alaska—a mesmerizing odyssey so unique that no other entity on the globe offers its match.

The mercurial Alaskan climate shapes our adventure each day, offering a fresh tableau of experiences. From adrenaline-charged escapades for the intrepid at heart to serene moments amidst nature for those seeking solace, this tour offers a spectrum of experiences.

Embarking from Ketchikan, tread the pristine corridors of the Tongass National Forest, feast on wild berries, sip from the crystal-clear glacier-filtered streams, be enthralled by the grandeur of Humpback Whales and Orcas, and immerse in the unparalleled Alaskan milieu.

All-Inclusive Wilderness Indulgence

  • Geared Up and Ready: We’ve got you covered. Every essential equipment for this expedition is provided.
  • Alaskan Culinary Expedition: Enjoy a comprehensive culinary experience. Relish 4 hearty breakfasts, 4 delectable lunches, and 4 sumptuous dinners, each resonating with Alaskan flavors.
  • Stay in Opulence: As the day winds down, find solace in the rustic charm of a log cabin at the esteemed Salmon Falls Resort.

Understanding Alaska’s Fishing Seasons: Salmon & Halibut

Alaska’s fishing seasons are largely defined by the migration patterns of its prized catches:

  • Spring Ushers in the Kings: As the waters begin to thaw, King Salmon, also known as Chinook, make their early appearances.
  • Summer’s Plentiful Offerings: The warmer months witness the surge of Pink and Sockeye Salmon. Halibut, the giants of the deep, become a prominent lure for anglers during this season.
  • Autumn’s Silver Spectacle: Silver Salmon, or Coho, take center stage, their vivacious nature promising an exhilarating fishing experience.

Effortless Transitions & Customizable Timing

Your journey’s comfort starts the minute you arrive in Ketchikan. Be it by ferry or aircraft, our dedicated pickup service promises a smooth transition to your luxurious accommodation.

Our expansive operational window from 12:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., running seven days a week from 2/27/2020 ensures flexibility. Just touch base with our local provider to lock in your desired start time.

Safety: A Pledge We Stand By

Traverse Alaska’s expanses with peace of mind. Our guides, fortified with cutting-edge GPS and Coast Guard-linked communication systems, ensure an uncompromised safety blanket envelops every adventurer.

Crafting Your Alaskan Epic

The 4-Day Alaskan Excursion isn’t merely a tour; it’s a canvas awaiting your strokes. With options to customize, curate an Alaskan tale that’s quintessentially yours. It’s an experience bound to spark envy amongst peers.

To dive deeper into this tantalizing Alaskan tale and discover the myriad hues of wonder it promises, journey further here.