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Embark on an invigorating flight that sweeps you from the lofty heights of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim to the expansive vistas of the North Rim. Aboard the cutting-edge ECO-Star helicopter, be treated to a world of panoramic splendor.

Gaze out through the expansive wraparound windows at the vast swathes of Kaibab National Forest, boasting the planet’s grandest ponderosa pines, and follow the serpentine path of the mighty Colorado River.

Capture the mesmerizing hues of the Painted Desert, the historic Desert View Watchtower, the serenity of Marble Canyon, and the regal Point Imperial. As your adventure culminates, the helicopter soars through the Dragon Corridor, offering a climactic view of the deepest and broadest section of the Grand Canyon.

Select from an array of departure times tailored to fit seamlessly into your itinerary. This thrilling flight originates from Tusayan, Arizona, granting a premium, all-encompassing South Rim experience, inclusive of local taxes and fees.

South Rim To North Rim Highlights

1. Kaibab National Forest: A Forested Embrace

As your flight departs, you will be embraced by the expansive views of the Kaibab National Forest, encompassing 1.6 million acres that cradle the Grand Canyon’s rims. The forest is a treasured landscape, home to the world’s largest ponderosa pines, providing a verdant contrast to the desert hues of the canyon itself.

2. Grand Canyon National Park: The South Rim Revealed

Approaching the Grand Canyon, the South Rim unfolds beneath you. This iconic stretch is where most visitors gaze into the canyon’s depths, but from your aerial view, you’ll appreciate its grand scale and the geological storytelling that the layers of rock reveal.

3. Painted Desert: A Tapestry of Color

Your journey continues alongside the Colorado River, with the vastness of the 146-square-mile Painted Desert in the distance. Its name rightly suggests a sprawling canvas of color, with rock layers capturing the fiery hues of sunset that shift with the light.

4. Desert View Watchtower: A Sentinel’s Gaze

The 70-foot Desert View Watchtower, a stone edifice standing as a historical landmark, appears on the horizon. Although you pass by, its presence marks the expansive eastern view of the Grand Canyon that visitors from the ground savor from its observation deck.

5. Marble Canyon: The Colorado River’s Canvas

The flight path leads you over Marble Canyon, the profound starting point of the Grand Canyon marked by the Colorado River. It’s here that the river’s mighty work is witnessed firsthand, having sculpted the land over eons.

6. Point Imperial: The North Rim’s Crown

Soaring further, you’ll encounter Point Imperial, the highest viewpoint on the North Rim at 8,803 feet. It presents an awe-inspiring spectacle, overlooking not just the canyon but also the Painted Desert, and signifying the vastness of this natural wonder.

7. Dragon Corridor: The Heart of the Canyon

Traversing southward, the helicopter takes you through the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest passage of the canyon. The corridor offers a majestic and dramatic perspective that highlights the sheer scale and raw beauty of the Grand Canyon.

8. Colorado River: The Lifeline of the Canyon

As the journey comes to a close, you’ll cross the Colorado River once more, offering a parting view of the powerful waters that have shaped the landscape for millions of years. The return to the South Rim provides a final glance over the grand forests and rugged terrain.

9. Returning to Tusayan

The flight circles back to the starting point in Tusayan, allowing for a moment to reflect on the incredible sights witnessed. The Grand Canyon, seen from this vantage point, stays with you long after you’ve touched down.

Pre-Flight Necessities

It’s important to remember that per FAA regulations, all passengers aged 18 and over must present a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, at the time of check-in.

This helicopter tour is more than just a scenic flight; it’s a comprehensive aerial exploration that promises an enriching perspective on the Grand Canyon’s most iconic and hidden beauties.

As you land, you’ll carry with you the memory of the canyon’s timeless grandeur, a sight that remains unmatched from the sky.

Meeting & Pickup Point: Your Gateway to the Skies

The journey to the Grand Canyon’s aerial wonders begins at the Maverick Helicopter Rides facility.

Nestled at the heart of Tusayan, just moments away from the South Rim, the address for your rendezvous with the sky is:

Maverick Helicopters
107 Corsair Dr, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023, USA

Here, the friendly staff will welcome you, guide you through a brief orientation, and prepare you for the aerial expedition of a lifetime. As you are ushered into the state-of-the-art helicopter, your anticipation will mount until it takes flight, turning your skyward dreams into reality.

After the tour, you’ll return to this very point, stepping out of the helicopter with memories that promise to last forever. Open in Google Maps for easy navigation, your excursion into the skies awaits with ease and excitement.

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