Aquaventure Waterpark, located in the iconic Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai, is known for its impressive array of water slides, thrilling rides, and unique attractions.

With its popularity and reputation, many wonder whether Aquaventure holds the title of the biggest water park in the world.

In this article, we will explore the size of Atlantis Aquaventure, how it compares to other water parks worldwide, and discuss some of its most notable features.

Quick Answer

  • Aquaventure is not the biggest water park in the world
  • It is, however, one of the largest and most popular water parks in the Middle East
  • Chimelong Water Park in China currently holds the title for the world’s largest water park
  • Aquaventure offers a unique blend of thrilling rides, luxury amenities, and one-of-a-kind experiences

Aquaventure: Size & Features

While Aquaventure is not the biggest water park in the world, it is one of the largest and most popular in the Middle East.

The water park covers an area of 42 acres, featuring over 30 slides and attractions, including the world’s largest circumference water slide, the Aquaconda, and the Middle East’s longest zip line circuit.

Aquaventure also offers private beach access, interactive marine experiences, and the opportunity to explore the Lost Chambers Aquarium, home to over 65,000 marine animals.

The World’s Largest Water Park: Chimelong Water Park

Currently, the title for the world’s largest water park goes to Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou, China.

This massive park covers an area of 60 acres and offers a wide range of water slides, wave pools, and other aquatic attractions for visitors of all ages.

Although Aquaventure does not hold the title for the largest water park, it remains a top destination for water park enthusiasts due to its unique features and luxurious setting.

Unique Experiences at Aquaventure

One of the factors that set Aquaventure apart from other water parks is the variety of unique experiences it offers.

Visitors can enjoy up-close encounters with marine life through the Shark Safari and Ray Feeding experiences, where guests can walk along the bottom of the Shark Lagoon, surrounded by sharks, rays, and other marine species.

Aquaventure also offers the opportunity to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay, a state-of-the-art dolphin habitat designed for both education and entertainment.

Visitors can participate in interactive programs, learn about dolphin conservation, and even become a dolphin trainer for a day.

Luxury Amenities at Aquaventure

Aquaventure is known for its luxury amenities and services, which add an extra touch of comfort and convenience to the water park experience.

Guests can rent private cabanas, which come equipped with sun loungers, complimentary beverages, and personalized service from dedicated cabana hosts.

The water park also offers several dining options, ranging from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants, ensuring that guests can find something to suit their tastes and preferences.

What We’ve Learnt

Although Aquaventure Waterpark is not the biggest in the world, it remains an impressive and popular destination due to its extensive range of thrilling rides, unique experiences, and luxury amenities.

While it does not hold the title for the largest water park, it offers a one-of-a-kind blend of excitement, relaxation, and marine encounters that sets it apart from its competitors.


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