If you’re visiting Alaska and love to fish, don’t let the opportunity to go fishing for salmon pass you by as the state is home to seven species of Pacific salmon. That’s way Ketchikan is considered one of the best places in the world for this type of fishing.

  • Book this Ketchikan Private Salmon Fishing Charter
  • Experience and head out on the water with just your private group and guide to test your skills.
  • Everything needed to fish is provided for you, and you’ll spend your day casting and waiting for a bite.

An Angler’s Dream

Alaska, the last frontier, is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Renowned for its abundance of Pacific salmon, the state boasts seven distinct species, each with its unique allure.

The Ketchikan Private Salmon Fishing Charter Experience is an angler’s dream, allowing both novices and seasoned fishermen to chase the thrill of a bite in the rich waters of Ketchikan.

With a cozy fishing platform, you can sit back, relax, and anticipate the excitement of reeling in the catch of the day.

Know the Salmon Seasons

For those who appreciate the thrill of matching wits with fish, knowing the seasons is crucial:

  • King Salmon (Chinook): This prized catch is most abundant from mid-May to early July, with a smaller run occurring in the fall.
  • Coho Salmon (Silver): These fighters usually make their appearance from late June to late September, peaking in August.
  • Chum Salmon (Dog): Present from June to August, they are known for their ferocious fighting spirit.
  • Pink Salmon (Humpy): Found in abundance every other year, they peak from mid-July to mid-August, predominantly on even-numbered years.
  • Sockeye Salmon (Reds): Although less common in the Ketchikan area, there is a possibility of encountering them from mid-June to early July.

Your Fishing Charter Experience

  • All About Comfort: Our 28-foot fishing boats are designed with the angler in mind. Whether you’re patiently waiting for a bite or reeling in a big one, the spacious platform and cabin ensure comfort throughout. Plus, there’s a private enclosed marine toilet on board for added convenience.
  • Weather-Ready: The unpredictable Alaskan weather won’t hinder your experience. Come rain or shine, we have you covered – quite literally, with rain gear provided when needed.
  • Accessible to All: Our charter is wheelchair accessible and service animals are allowed, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fishing adventure.

Meeting and Concluding Points

Your journey begins at 4871 N Tongass Hwy, Ketchikan, AK 99901. Make sure to confirm the time with the local provider before your adventure. The activity wraps up at the same location.

Why Choose Our Charter

There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Alaska’s aquatic bounty than with a private salmon fishing charter in Ketchikan.

Whether you’re here for the trophy King Salmon or the agile Silver, this tour promises a day of excitement, scenic beauty, and unforgettable memories. We offer the best king salmon fishing charters in alaska on this site.