Alaska is well known for its salmon fishing but visitors can also enjoy fishing for other species of fish. Join this fishing charter and enjoy a private excursion in search of halibut in the waters around Ketchikan.

Cast your line in search of the flatfish and reel in your catch to enjoy later on in the day.

  • Take in the rugged Alaskan scenery from the boat
  • All necessary fishing equipment is provided
  • A private boat means a personalized experience
  • Hassle-free transfers from select locations

While Alaska often garners accolades for its illustrious salmon fishing, a hidden gem that many anglers have grown to cherish is the pursuit of halibut in the cold, rich waters surrounding Ketchikan.

Delight in the thrill of battling these flatfish giants, all the while being enveloped by Alaska’s wild, untamed beauty.

Halibut Seasons: Timing is Everything

Halibut, the denizens of Alaska’s deep sea, have a distinct fishing season. The prime months to target these fish in Ketchikan typically stretch from early spring, around March, to late fall, as November approaches. The highest concentration is often during the summer months, from June to August, when halibut move closer to the shore, making them more accessible to anglers. This pattern, however, can slightly vary based on water temperatures and food availability.

Experience the Ketchikan Waters

  • Alaskan Panorama: The trip is not just about the fish. As you wait for the halibut to bite, absorb the raw and rugged landscapes of Alaska that paint a picturesque background.
  • Equipped to Perfection: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler, our charter ensures you’re equipped for the challenge. Top-tier fishing gear is at your disposal, setting you up for success.
  • Your Personal Voyage: Every moment on the boat is tailored to you. The private charter promises an undiluted, immersive experience, guaranteeing memories that last a lifetime.
  • Easy Transfers: We understand that getting to and from the fishing spot should be the least of your concerns. Our hassle-free transfers from select locations ensure just that.

Charter Inclusions

  • Gear Up: All necessary fishing gear is provided. Just bring your spirit of adventure.
  • Refresh & Recharge: Stay hydrated with bottled water and keep your energy up with our assortment of snacks and sodas.

Practical Information

  • Meet Us: The journey begins at 708 North Point Higgins Rd, Ketchikan, AK 99901. For convenience, simply head to Clover Pass Resort. Rest assured, your expedition concludes at the same point.
  • The Charter Experience: What sets us apart is our commitment to exclusivity. Your halibut fishing excursion will remain a private affair, ensuring an undisturbed and personal experience. While halibut is our focus, our charters also provide opportunities to fish for King, Coho, Pink, and Chum salmon.
  • Vessel Excellence: Dive into this adventure with our fleet of fishing boats, meticulously designed for the discerning angler. Beyond superior fishing gear, our boats boast cutting-edge electronics, a spacious fishing platform, and even a private, enclosed marine toilet for utmost comfort.
  • Need to Know: Booking confirmations are provided instantly. While most travelers can participate, note that the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible. Our charters cater exclusively to your group, ensuring an intimate experience.

Embrace the allure of Ketchikan’s halibut-rich waters. With expert guidance, top-notch equipment, and the pristine Alaskan seascape as your backdrop, this journey promises tales of adventure, thrill, and nature’s wonders.