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13 Feb 2024




Can You Catch Salmon in December in Alaska? 

In the heart of winter, when Alaska is cloaked in a silent shroud of snow and the long nights are broken by the dance of the northern lights, one question that often arises among angling enthusiasts is: Can you still catch salmon in December? The winter months in Alaska are...

Is Salmon Fishing in Alaska in November? 

Alaska, with its sprawling rivers and vast coastal waters, has long been synonymous with salmon. These tenacious fish, renowned for their epic journeys from river to sea and back again, are the heart of Alaskan wildness. But what about when the winter creeps in, and the days grow short? Does...

Is There Good Fishing in Alaska in November? 

Alaska, the last frontier, is a land of superlatives when it comes to fishing. It’s a place where angling isn’t just a pastime; it’s woven into the very fabric of life. As a seasoned captain who has navigated these waters for decades, I’ve witnessed the seasonal transitions and how they...

What is the Largest Halibut Ever Caught in Alaska? 

The Giants of the North: Jack Tragis & The Record-Breaking Halibut The cold and tempestuous waters of Alaska are the setting for some of the most awe-inspiring tales of the sea, none more so than the story of Jack Tragis and his colossal halibut, a record-breaking giant that has etched...
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VIP Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour From Boulder City 

Lowest Price Guarantee • Reserve Now Pay Later • Free Cancellation • Imagine soaring like an eagle over the majestic Grand Canyon, witnessing one of the world’s natural wonders from a perspective few get to experience. Your Grand Canyon chopper tour with champagne toast begins with a VIP experience as...
Grand Canyon

Do You Tip Helicopter Pilot Grand Canyon? 

There’s something undeniably majestic about the Grand Canyon that calls for the most extraordinary view: from the sky. Helicopter tours provide a thrilling perspective of this natural wonder, leaving passengers with memories that last a lifetime. Amid the excitement and preparations, one question often arises: is tipping your pilot customary...
Grand Canyon

How Much Does a Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon Cost? 

Imagine soaring like an eagle over one of the Earth’s most breathtaking natural wonders. A helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon offers this exhilarating experience. It’s a bucket-list adventure for countless travelers seeking to witness the awe-inspiring vistas of this ancient landscape from a bird’s-eye view. But before you take...
Grand Canyon, USA

Is It Worth Doing a Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon? 

As you stand at the precipice of the Grand Canyon, awestruck by its vastness and beauty, a helicopter whirs in the distance, and a thought crosses your mind – what would this marvel look like from the skies? Helicopter trips over the Grand Canyon are not just excursions; they are...