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Embark on an aerial dance with the canyons and become part of the Grand Canyon’s storied skies with the 25-minute Grand Canyon Dancer Helicopter Tour.

Departing from Tusayan, Arizona, this adventure offers you the perfect blend of thrill and natural beauty. Imagine soaring like an eagle over the sprawling Kaibab National Forest and gazing down at the dramatic vistas of the North Rim.

The ECO-Star helicopter’s luxurious wraparound windows ensure you miss none of the majesty that the Grand Canyon is celebrated for.

Quick Tour Summary

  • Depart from the South Rim to witness the vast Kaibab National Forest.
  • Marvel at the world’s largest ponderosa pines.
  • Fly through the Dragon Corridor, the deepest part of the Canyon.
  • See the mighty Colorado River carving its ancient path.
  • Capture the essence of the North Rim’s rugged landscape.
  • Behold the geological marvels like Vishnu Schist and the Tower of Ra.

What You’ll See

Kaibab National Forest

Your journey begins at the edge of the South Rim in Tusayan, Arizona, where you’ll climb aboard the ECO-Star helicopter. As you ascend, the lush expanse of the Kaibab National Forest stretches beneath you. The forest is renowned for its stand of ponderosa pines, some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world. Your Grand Canyon helicopter tour from South Rim gives you a unique vantage point to appreciate the scale and beauty of this natural treasure.

Dragon Corridor

As the helicopter approaches the Grand Canyon, you’ll enter the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest part of the canyon, offering a panoramic theatre of ancient rock formations, sheer cliffs, and the undulating Colorado River. The corridor is named for its dramatic, rugged terrain that evokes the mythical creature’s spine.

Colorado River

Following the path of the mighty Colorado River, you’ll witness the lifeline of the Grand Canyon, which has spent millions of years carving and shaping the landscape. Its powerful flow and the rapids can be seen from above, providing a sense of the river’s dynamic force in shaping this iconic wonder.

North Rim

The North Rim presents a different aspect of the Grand Canyon, with a higher elevation and denser forests. It offers a contrasting landscape to the South Rim and is less visited, providing a sense of untouched wilderness. Your flight takes you across these remote reaches, showcasing the deep gorges and lush vegetation.

Tower of Ra & Vishnu Schist

Look out for the Tower of Ra, a prominent pillar named after the Egyptian sun god, standing defiantly as a testament to the erosional forces at work. Below, the Vishnu Schist is some of the oldest exposed rock in the canyon, with a history stretching back nearly two billion years.

Return Through the Dragon Corridor

Your return flight takes you back along the Dragon Corridor, offering a second chance to absorb the grandeur and magnitude of the canyon, ensuring your memory of the views is as enduring as the landscape itself.

What’s Not Included

  • Gratuities for your pilot, which are always appreciated for excellent service.
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off, allowing you the flexibility to arrive at the terminal at your convenience.

Meeting Point

Your journey will commence at:

Maverick Helicopters
107 Corsair Dr
Grand Canyon Village
AZ 86023

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure.


  • A magnificent flight! The helicopter’s comfort and the pilot’s expertise made this an unforgettable experience.” – John D.
  • Seeing the Grand Canyon from this perspective was truly humbling. A must-do for any visitor.” – Emily S.
  • Our family will cherish the memories of flying over the Canyon. The views were simply spectacular.” – The Nguyen Family
  • The ECO-Star ride was luxurious and the sights, especially the North Rim, were out of this world.” – Alex T.
  • Our pilot’s commentary made the ancient rocks come alive with stories.” – Mia R.
  • Unparalleled views of the Colorado River, felt like soaring through history!” – Liam G.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is this tour suitable for children?
    A. Yes, children of all ages can join. Those under two may fly as a lap child at no extra cost.
  • Q. Is this a helicopter tour over Grand Canyon from Tusayan?
    A. It most certainly is!
  • Q. What should we wear?
    A. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. Layering is ideal for the fluctuating temperatures at different altitudes.
  • Q. Can we take photos during the flight?
    A. Absolutely, capture as many memories as you like. The pilot will also take a commemorative photo before departure.
  • Q. What if there’s bad weather?
    A. Safety is paramount. If the flight must be canceled, attempts to reschedule will be made, and if not possible, a full refund will be provided.
  • Q. Is there an option to do a Grand Canyon Skywalk and helicopter tour?
    A. Unfortunately, we don’t offer that option on this trip.
  • Q. Are there any health considerations?
    A. While there are no specific restrictions, it is always recommended to consult a doctor if you have any health concerns or if you are pregnant.
  • Q: What is the best time for a flight?
    A: The most popular times are sunrise and sunset for the dramatic lighting, but midday flights offer detailed views of the canyon’s geology.
  • Q. Is this one of the best Grand Canyon chopper tours?
    A. Well, we think so. It’s priced attractively so tends to be very popular.
  • Q: How early should we arrive before the flight?
    A: It’s best to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure to check in and receive a safety briefing.
  • Q: What if we’re a group with children and adults, can we sit together?
    A: Seating arrangements are primarily based on weight distribution, but the staff will make every effort to accommodate families to sit together when possible.

The 25-minute Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour offers an unmatched experience, combining luxury, adventure, and the awe-inspiring beauty of one of the world’s natural wonders.

Secure your seat in the sky and prepare for an exhilarating journey that will dance across your memories for years to come.