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Embark on an adventure that lifts you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Imagine boarding a state-of-the-art helicopter and being whisked away from the neon lights of Las Vegas to the awe-inspiring depths of the Grand Canyon.

You’ll not only witness the majestic beauty of one of the world’s natural wonders, but also fly over iconic landmarks like the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

This is not just a trip; it’s a chance to accumulate a treasure trove of memories from an elevated perspective.

Quick Tour Summary

  • Hoover Dam: A historical marvel of engineering.
  • Lake Mead: The vast, serene expanse of the largest reservoir in the United States.
  • Black Canyon: Mysterious volcanic cliffs offering a glimpse into geological history.
  • Colorado River: The lifeline of the Grand Canyon that has shaped it over millions of years.
  • The Las Vegas Strip: An iconic stretch known for its bustling casinos, resorts, and entertainment venues.

What You’ll See

Hoover Dam

As the rotors begin to whirl, you’ll first pass the monumental Hoover Dam, an architectural behemoth that tames the Colorado River. This dam presents a story of human tenacity and ingenuity, with its concrete walls holding back the vast Lake Mead. Its scale and history are as impressive from the skies as they are up close.

Lake Mead

Next, the helicopter soars over Lake Mead, a body of water that’s as tranquil as it is titanic. You’ll see the sunlight glinting off its surface and understand why this area is a favored escape for locals and visitors seeking recreation and repose alike.

Black Canyon

Then, witness the drama of the Black Canyon, where dark volcanic rocks provide a stark contrast to the shimmering waters below. It’s a less-visited gem that exudes an aura of the Grand Canyon’s untamed spirit.

Colorado River

As you enter Grand Canyon airspace, the Colorado River comes into view. Carving its way through the rock, the river is both artist and artifact, sculpting the canyon over countless millennia. This aerial vantage point captures its winding journey – an epic tale told in curves and rapids.

Las Vegas Strip

Before your descent, the helicopter will sweep over the Las Vegas Strip, a dazzling array of lights and landmarks that’s as charismatic from above as it is on the ground.

Taking An In-Depth Look

As a seasoned travel writer who has seen the Grand Canyon from every possible angle, I can assure you that there’s nothing quite like the perspective from a helicopter. Not only will you have an uninterrupted 180-degree view, but you’ll also enjoy the personal touch of a family-owned company that promises an intimate and luxurious experience. Without a doubt, you’ll conclude the cost of a Grand Canyon helicopter trip is truly worth it.

The South Rim of the Canyon is often the most photographed, famed for its panoramic vistas and incredible depths. From above, you get to appreciate the vastness without the crowds. Meanwhile, the North Rim offers a more rugged and remote experience, usually less visited but equally stunning from the skies. The West Rim is home to the Skywalk, a glass bridge that extends out over the canyon, which you’ll see people bravely walking out onto from your aerial vantage point.

From takeoff to landing, the tour covers approximately 180 miles of rich and varied landscapes. It’s not only an eye-opening expedition but an educational one too. Your pilot doubles as your guide, providing commentary through voice-activated headsets. You’ll learn about the geology, wildlife, and history of the area as you hover over its grandeur.

This Grand Canyon chopper tour is the culmination of many things: a technological marvel allowing us to fly, the natural world’s immense beauty, and our human desire to explore and appreciate our planet. It’s an experience that’s sure to be a highlight of any trip, an adventure that’s not just seen but felt. After landing, you’ll leave with more than just photos – you’ll carry the awe and wonder of the Grand Canyon in your heart.

What’s Included

  • A Luxurious Journey: 90-minute flight in an A-Star helicopter.
  • Convenience and Comfort: Hotel pickup and drop-off by luxury van.
  • Refreshments: Light refreshments and soft drinks to keep you energized.
  • Peace of Mind: All taxes and fees, as well as the fuel surcharge, are covered.

What’s Not Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about families and children on the tour?

A: Families are warmly welcomed! There’s no minimum age for the flight, with infants under 2 flying as lap children. We’ve thought of everything to ensure a comfortable experience for all ages.

Q: Is this tour suitable for expectant mothers?

A: Absolutely! Though we always recommend consulting with a healthcare provider, we’ve had the pleasure of safely flying numerous pregnant guests.

Q: What if the weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of our flight?

A: Weather can be unpredictable, but your safety and enjoyment are our priorities. In case of bad weather, we will aim to reschedule or provide a full refund.

Q: Can we make it a private experience?

A: Yes, you may book all six seats in the helicopter to enjoy a private tour with your party.

Q: Are special occasions acknowledged on the flight?

A: Certainly! We offer various add-ons to celebrate your special moments. Just mention your requests upon booking, and we’ll take care of the details.


It’s rare to find an experience that truly changes the way you see the world. This Grand Canyon chopper tour is one of those pinnacle moments, where time stands still, and nature’s grandeur unfolds beneath you.

So, if you’re looking for a way to elevate your next Las Vegas vacation, consider the sky as your limit.

Book your flight today and see why this isn’t just a tour, but a passage to an unforgettable encounter with one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.